Research areas

Broadly, the areas of science and engineering that are available to our PhD students include:

Advanced materials e.g. polymer synthesis, macromolecular self-assembly, conducting polymers, characterisation of materials using advanced methods, morphology, advanced manufacturing (including 3D printing), polymer processing, materials science, surfaces and thin films, computational modelling, (nano)composites, tribology, polymers in sports and mechanical engineering applications such as lubrication.

Electronics and Photonics e.g. many of the areas above for applications in photovoltaic devices, light emission and sensing.

Biomaterials and healthcare e.g. tissue engineering, biocompatible polymers, biologically-derived materials, polymers for healthcare, dental materials and facial prosthetics.

prospective projects for the 2017 cohort can be found on the Apply page

Case studies are coming soon. For more details of the research interests of our academic staff, see the Polymer Centre Website.


Tanker Coatings, Akzo Nobel

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Additive manufacturing Materials, Eastman Chemical

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