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Research areas

Broadly, the areas of science and engineering that are available to our PhD students include:

Synthesis of Advanced Materials. Polymer synthesis, living radical polymerisation, macromolecular self-assembly, block copolymers, water-soluble polymers, conducting polymers, branched copolymers, nanocomposites and polymer colloids.

Characterisation of Advanced Materials. Analysis of polymers, colloids and surfaces using advanced methods e.g. SAXS, ellipsometry, AFM and XPS. In situ studies of phase separation and physical properties of thin films photovoltaic devices and polymer brushes.  Theory and modelling.

Materials Processing and Applications. Advanced manufacturing (including 3D printing), polymer processing, thin film generation via spray-coating, computational modelling, (nano)composites, tribology and lubrication, use of polymers in sports equipment.

Biomaterials and Healthcare. Tissue engineering, biocompatible polymers, biologically-derived materials, polymers for healthcare, drug delivery, dental materials and facial prosthetics.

projects for the 2018 cohort can be found on the Prospective students page

For more details of the research interests of our academic staff, see the Polymer Centre Website.